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IndoCafe, the Culprit

Assalamualaikum :)      Once upon a time, I felt really tired. So, I slept after I came back from class that evening. I woke up, straightly went to bath and washed my cloth. Then, ate the gorgeous 'tongkeng ayam gorengs' nyamss nomnom. Switched on the lovey dovey lappy. Long list of assignment need to be done. However, I found myself still 'loading'. So, I 'jerang' the tap water and make myself a cup of IndoCafe. I bought this because I thought that it is not as strong as Nescafe which can make me turn into a hard-core nocturnal creature. Also can lead to high blood pressure if we drank it a lot. Yes! I feel energetic. I'm feel like to jump through out the night. *jump jump      Unfortunately, I didn't take this opportunity to do as much assignment as I can. In fact, I went 'melagha', surfing the wasting-time social network through out the night. I played with my Tumblr . Scrolling down the Dashboard and laughed as much as I can to eliminate

Q & A Session

Assalamualaikum =) Answer the questions given below. Bilingual or even 'bahasa rojak' is accepted. Citation is needed to avoid plagiarism. Strictly, Grammar mistake is not taken into account. Please write your answer in not more than 1000 words. How's life?      Life's getting sucks  busy day by day. Face pollution is everywhere (Rahim, Y., 2012). I'm running out of time (Muse, 2006). One week holiday dikejutkan dengan cerita yang menimbulkan tanda tanya. Dafuq? What's in their mind? Ingatkan balik nak mensucikan hati. Humpph, makin keruh adelah. Nasib baik ade cik baby Raudhah yg cantik jelita. Siap ade lesung pipit kat pipi kanan. Ouh? Looks like my mother's daughters does not inherit that gene but her granddaughter does. 0,o  Cik baby Raudhah kecik sangat. Mule mule takut sangat nak dukung. 'Singkol', bak kate orang Sarawak. Almaklumlah, fragile, please handle her with care. Tapi, lame lame macam best je dukung dia. Tersentuh naluri keibuan.

Dinner 2012: Stars Back To School

Assalamualaikum =) Hello beautiful people of the worldz zah! Guwa mahu cerita pasal ini the story mory. Jeng jeng jeng.... the makan malam the seribu bintang ne Bertemakan tema yang aneh, I don't know what to wear at the beginning. Damn, seriously no idea. =_=' So, aku pakai ape je yang ade dalam wardrobe aku. Hmmmm. Dan juge wardrobe orang lain. Kihkih >,< Only the electric blue shawl tu je yang baru. And aku pun tak tau macam mane aku boley beli shawl sebegitu rupe =..= Actually makanan sedap giler kot. Aku je tak mampu nak telan sebab nervous. HuHuk. Terase sangat rugi rugi dan rugi. T_T Sebab tak makan banyak. Tsk. Tapi kenapa nervous ye?? Hehu the ade-cendol-nyamsnyams delightful dessert Tak lalu makan. Aku tibai dessert yang peh sedap ni. Sedap gila kot. Seharusnya aku bawak tupperware untuk tapau lain kali sebab encik dan puan waitres sebok je nak amek pinggan aku padahal aku tak habis makan lagi. Protokol sangat. *booowringg~  the finalist