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Jenn's Baking Moment: Brownies

Assalamualaikum :) One day, I feel like to bake. So, I bought an instant flour for Brownies. Only add some water, vege oil and 2 eggs. By using an electric hand mixer which I bought last year, I mix the dough, feeling like a professional bakers. Haha. I love the taste of Brownies. Very soft inside and crunchy outside. And very sweet too. I like it but only can eat like 2 pieces and stop. Because it is too sweet and it can kill you. I didnt have an oven or microwave. We only have a magic pan. Hew. But still, I wanna bake a cake. After the dough done, I bake it. It takes a looong time to be done. Almost 1 hour and 30 minutes. The house were full with Brownies aroma. The back side of the instant floor box said it takes only 45 minutes to be done. Its okay. Because I use a magic pan, not an oven. The Brownies are done. My nephews cant wait to eat it. After the cake is cooled, I cut them into pieces. It was very hard to cut it T.T Because the outside was over cook

Feel So Bad

I cant handle kids. I tend to increase my voice towards them. I tend to use hands to make them quiet. And I feel so bad. So bad. "Tangan yang merosakkan dunia" Allah... :'(