25 April 2012

IndoCafe, the Culprit

Assalamualaikum :)

     Once upon a time, I felt really tired. So, I slept after I came back from class that evening. I woke up, straightly went to bath and washed my cloth. Then, ate the gorgeous 'tongkeng ayam gorengs' nyamss nomnom. Switched on the lovey dovey lappy. Long list of assignment need to be done. However, I found myself still 'loading'. So, I 'jerang' the tap water and make myself a cup of IndoCafe. I bought this because I thought that it is not as strong as Nescafe which can make me turn into a hard-core nocturnal creature. Also can lead to high blood pressure if we drank it a lot. Yes! I feel energetic. I'm feel like to jump through out the night. *jump jump

     Unfortunately, I didn't take this opportunity to do as much assignment as I can. In fact, I went 'melagha', surfing the wasting-time social network through out the night. I played with my Tumblr. Scrolling down the Dashboard and laughed as much as I can to eliminate the unhappy feeling. Scroll down until the bottom of nowhere, laugh, reblog, laugh, reblog, laugh, reblog. When I get bored, I search a new, cuter theme and background for my Tumblr. I faced few problems. I saved the theme and background, but nothing happen. 0,o' I do it over and over again until midnight, still no change. Damn! Obviously, I forgot about the long list assignment need to be done.

     It was 1.00 am, I have class at 9 o'clock in the morning. So, I off to bed. I recite the prayer, plug in the earphone, listening to my lullaby and close my eyes.

2 hours later...

    Oh my beloved eyes, Y U NO ASLEEP? =..= *troll face. It's already 3.00 am. wuwu. I tried to sleep again, closing my eyes. Turn to the left, turn to the right, over and over again.

1 hour later...

     No no no. Why can't sleep? Why can't sleep? ~,~  *zombie face.

IndoCafe, I underestimate you.
You are much stronger than Nescafe even though you are much cheaper.
But, still you are the CULPRIT! You are the CULPRIT! CULPRIT! CULPRIT!

It's 4.47 am now. I feel hungry. So, I decided to turn on my lovey dovey lappy to do the neglected assignment. Well then, I live happily ever after.

The End


  1. hahaha.we indocafe don't underestimate us.wakaka

  2. kalo nak rase cane rase nak melopmat spjg hari tu sile la minum IndoCafe :D


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